Seeing "Update limit exceeded" or "Error contacting URL: 429" errors while updating lists?   Read here for more info!

Having problems with PeerBlock?  There are a number of ways you can get some help!


FAQ and User Guide

Our Frequently Asked Questions page answers many of peoples' most commonly asked questions, and our User Guide goes a bit more into detail as to how you can use PeerBlock - including instructions on how to setup your own "allow lists" for IP addresses, descriptions of the various Settings options, etc.

These sets of pages are great for helping you help yourself, and if you ask a question that is already answered in there expect us to gently nudge you towards them.  Definitely worth a read-through...



Our forums are pretty well attended, and if you post a message there you'll generally receive a response within a few hours . . . or a day tops.  It does require you to register however, and sometimes the registration-confirmation mail can get marked as spam, so if you don't receive one within a few minutes you should make sure to check your "junk mail" folder.

Some common problems are listed under the "Known Issues" thread in the Support forum, but if your issue isn't covered there please make sure to read the "What we need to help you" thread and make sure you attach some files to your post to help us help you.


Issue Tracker

Our Issue Tracker can be found at Google Code.  Here you can find a searchable list of all the known issues in PeerBlock, along with users' feature requests and other things we're working on.

If you see any bugs that you're hitting, or any features in which you might be interested, you should "Star" that issue, as when we're prioritizing what to work on next we use the number of Stars an item has as an indication of how interested our user community is in something.  No guarantees of course, but we generally try to prioritize things that people care most about.  And if you're experiencing a new bug, or have an idea for something which nobody's thought of yet, feel free to add a new item to track it!



We also have an IRC channel set up: #peerblock over at  If you're unfamiliar with it, IRC is a chat room thing, so that you can talk or ask questions about PeerBlock in real-time.  Of course you may need to be patient, as even though some of us may be logged-in there we're not necessarily paying attention to the window at the exact moment you get there . . . but if you ask a question and then wait for a little while, you're likely to get an answer.

If you don't make use of IRC on a general basis, you can use the Web Interface to log in to our channel.  Just click that link, enter a "nickname" to use while chatting with us, and then click Connect.