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Here is some additional download information for our latest Stable Release, PeerBlock 1.1 (r518), released November 22. 2010.  "Portable" versions (no-Installer .zip files), SHA1 checksums, etc.


Portable Packages

These files contain no installer, and are meant to be used if you want to run PeerBlock from a USB drive, or if you don't want to actually install it.  Most users would probably be better off downloading the Installer version instead of these versions...


If you've downloaded one of these .zip files, you'll need to extract all files from it into some directory on your system, and then double-click peerblock.exe to run it.  Note that as these downloads have no installer they will not put anything under Add/Remove Programs, and nothing will show up under the Start Menu for it - you're on your own as far as how/where you want it to show up.



These are the SHA1 checksums generated for each of our files.  You can use these values to ensure that your download of PeerBlock has not been corrupted in any way.

  • PeerBlock 1.1(r518) Installer - 0ec298f536580045c7f05291033406cdd6b6fe6f 
  • PeerBlock 1.1(r518) for Windows 2000 / XP, 32-bit - 7b1c3cc19dc3b782e04896d48902d09606ac2d98 
  • PeerBlock 1.1(r518) for Windows XP, 64-bit - 6bad36ff269db1ce7ba484b9e5dc919df94b87a4 
  • PeerBlock 1.1(r518) for Windows Vista / 7, 32-bit - db5a0b34cc2e86424a664cbbf698c3176f7a55a3
  • PeerBlock 1.1(r518) for Windows Vista / 7, 64-bit - 2ee25fc12ae0e4871ad1f9c60941b3c0f30e17c7