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We have two release types available to you.  Please choose the one that's right for you!  If you install a Public Release it will check for new Public Releases every so often, unless you tell it not to, and prompt you to download a new copy if one is found.  Interim Releases will likewise check for new Interim Releases.


Stable Release

Stable Releases are meant to be the most stable available, and are only labelled as such after a large amount of testing.  Stable Release versions are made available only once every few months, unless a critical bug is discovered.

This is the recommended release type for most users. 

Download the latest Stable Release:  PeerBlock 1.2 (released January 14, 2014)


Beta Release

Beta Releases are released much more frequently, most commonly once every couple of weeks.  They contain newer fixes and features, ones which haven't received enough testing yet to be considered ready for inclusion in a Stable Release.  As such these releases are generally considered to be not quite as stable as Stable Releases.  However if you're looking for the "bleeding edge" of PeerBlock development - or if you're encountering a rare bug in the latest Stable Release and would like to see if your issue's already been fixed - this is the one to get.

Download the latest Beta Release:  PeerBlock 1.1+ (r691) (released January 6, 2014)