Seeing "Update limit exceeded" or "Error contacting URL: 429" errors while updating lists?   Read here for more info!

IBlockList is the primary host of the list-files used by PeerBlock.  In addition to serving up over 10 TERAbytes of data for us each month, they fund maintenance of many of the lists you use every day.

Unfortunately, due to the increasingly heavy traffic they have been sustaining for us, they will be forced to start limiting list downloads for all users, effective Tuesday September 24th.  After this date, free users will only be able to download updated lists once per week.  If you sign up for their IBlockList Subscription program however, you will be able to update much more frequently - up to hourly for lists which are updated that frequently.  If you are getting "Update limit exceeded" or "Error Contacting URL: 400" errors when PeerBlock attempts to update lists, this is why.

In order to help mitigate problems like this going forward, we will be partnering with IBlockList.  To start, they will be offering a free year of IBlockList Subscriptions to all those who have donated to PeerBlock prior to Tuesday September 24th 2013, regardless of how much that donation may have been - simply click here and provide your email address to activate your free subscription. 

Furthermore, IBlockList will be sharing with us at PeerBlock a portion of the proceeds from their IBlockList Subscriptions.  Together, we will be using this money to continue to provide free services for those who can't afford a yearly subscription fee, fund new and updated list-creation teams, and finance PeerBlock's ongoing development.

If you would like to continue having your lists update as frequently as possible - and can afford to help support PeerBlock and IBlocklist - follow this link to sign up for an IBlockList Subscription.

Subscribe to IBlockList

We also have been working together to build a version of PeerBlock suitable for the web.  The first version is a WordPress plugin which can help you safeguard your blog site against spammers, hackers, and other miscreants.  Please click here if you'd like to apply for the beta-test program.

We will be posting an update about the upcoming PeerBlock 1.2 release soon.  We're not dead yet!

Thank you all once again for all your support.

        ---  Mark  ---