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Allowing Connections

Allow lists tell PeerBlock to allow connections to certain IP addresses, even if they are on a block list.

You may want to allow connections to particular common 'bad' IPs, for example allowing Microsoft Updates whilst blocking the rest of Microsoft, or for some online game servers. Allowed IPs always take priority over Block Lists in PeerBlock

There are two ways to allow particular connections;

  • Adding Allow Lists, and
  • Using the Log Window.

Allow Lists

Certain lists which can be found on the internet are not designed for blocking, instead they are designed to allow connections blocked on common lists, such as (mentioned previously) Microsoft Updates. Other common uses for allow lists include connecting to gaming servers, or allowing your work's IP's.

Using published Allow Lists is very similar to using Block Lists, except setting "Type" to "Allow" not "Block". For details, see Using Lists.

You can create your own Allow Lists (for example for work IP addresses) quite simply. See Creating Lists.

Using the Log Window

A very simple way to create your own Allow List is by using the Log Window. Simply Right Click the blocked IP that you wish to allow and select the time period you would like it allowed for.

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