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Since the release of our 1.1 Stable Release almost a year ago, development had stalled.  Primarily because PeerBlock's lead developer (me) has been slacking off, as far as PeerBlock is concerned.  We've had a number of "unofficial builds", and some work done by the other team members, but as far as major development goes . . . not so much.

That changes now!

Now that "real life" has started to settle down, I'm getting back to PeerBlock.  There's still a lot I'd like for us to get done, lots of things about the program that annoy the heck out of me, lots of places to take the project.

So if you're one of our the 1.6+ million people who've downloaded PeerBlock 1.1 since it's release last November, or one of the quarter million downloaders of our latest "Beta Release" since it's release last October, thanks for putting up with this delay.  We won't let you down, won't let the project die quite yet...!

A new 1.2 release is underway as we speak, to include some new features and bugfixes on top of the current 1.1 release.  This will be lightly developed, while we work on the big one - PeerBlock 2.0, which will be a heavy rewrite of the code, and will feature such things as running as a service, a new UI, and Mac/Linux support (hopefully).  If you're up for getting an early preview of 1.2, keep running a Beta Release - it's the same as the current 1.1 Stable Release, and will notify you as soon a new 1.1+ Beta Release is ready.

Thanks again for sticking with us, and for supporting us into our third year!

        ---  Mark  ---